Do you take credit cards?
We will accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover Card for purchases of $20.00 or more.  We try to do cash transactions to keep prices as low as possible but do accept credit cards for an additional 3% on the total charged for you convenience.

Do you sell ammo?
We try to carry common ammo at a reasonable price, when we can get supplies. Call or email us to check available inventory.

What should I do before buying a firearm, either online or from Transfer Tactical?
Check out Form 4473 (PDF) to see what information is needed to be permitted to receive a firearm transfer. Read through the questions thoroughly to be sure you qualify to buy a firearm.

I purchased a firearm online and requested that it be sent to Transfer Tactical. Now what?
Your firearm will be shipped to us directly from the company where you purchased it. If they request a copy of our FFL, no problem, just send us their contact information and order number and we will send a copy to them electronically withing 12 hours.  Depending on the company, we usually expect the delivery anytime from two days to two weeks from the date of purchase. It varies based on the seller’s processing time and the shipping company used. We will call you by the end of the day of delivery to notify you it is ready for pick-up, and to set up a time for the transfer.

Can I have the firearm delivered to me directly, or can I meet you somewhere to pick it up?
No. Federal law dictates that the firearm must be picked up at the FFL’s business location, unless the firearm is purchased at a registered gun show, where it can be transferred to you directly.

Do I still need to have a background check if I bought the firearm online?
Yes, you will need to have an instant background check done unless you have a current Arizona Concealed Weapons Carry Permit. When you come to our office, you will fill out Form 4473, which we will submit to The National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).  If their response is “Proceed”, we can complete the transfer.

What documentation is required from me for proper identification?
The law requires a government issued picture ID, preferably an Arizona Driver’s License or picture ID card from the DMV. If you an Arizona Concealed Weapons Carry Permit, you can skip the background check process and we can expedite the transfer process. A medical marijuana card is not a valid form of ID and will disqualify you from purchasing a firearm. Remember, this is a federal background check, and marijuana is still illegal under federal law.

The address on my ID is not correct, is that ok?
We can use the picture ID to identify you, but we will need additional documentation showing your current address. The documentation must be issued by a government agency; common examples are a vehicle registration card, city utility bill (SRP is okay, but APS is a private company and not government issued), Arizona State fishing license, property tax bills, etc. Items such as receipts for rent are not acceptable, because they are not government issued.

What do I do if the response to the background check is “Delayed” or “Denied” instead of “Proceed”?
If the response is “Delayed”, it means the background check system needs more time to evaluate your application. You will not be able to receive the firearm until we get a “Proceed” response; however if we have not received any response in three (3) complete days, we are then able to complete the transfer to you the following day. If you receive a “Denied” response, it means you have failed to pass the Background Check and will not legally be allowed to take delivery of the firearm. Transfer Tactical will hold the firearm here for one month free of charge while you try to qualify for transfer. For longer than one month, a $2.00 per day storage fee will be charged. If you find you cannot take possession of the firearm, it is up to you to contact the company you purchased it from to arrange for it to be returned and to obtain your refund. Transfer Tactical will ship the firearm back to the Seller for a $20.00 handling fee plus actual shipping costs.

Can my wife/brother/friend buy or take delivery of the firearm if I am denied?
NO! This is what is known as a straw purchase, and it is absolutely illegal. We will refuse to transfer any firearm to anyone who is not the original purchaser.